Problem in publishing my app in new Google play console

I have finished my kodular app without any errors or warnings , tested it and it was fine. I tried to publish it with the latest version of play console . It’s the third day and my app is stuck there in preview and still not published. Is there any problem ? How much time it will take google to publish my app ?

Please Post relavent screenshots addressing the issue.
Provide details of the app

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It took too much time , more than 3 days.

Whats the problem ? Google takes 7 days to review the app.So, Sit back and relax

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Really ? Where did I see it just takes a couple of hours ?!!

My app took 9 Days :sweat_smile:

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If this is normal so Ok I will wait. but I got some warnings not from Kodular but from the console, will they publish it anyway ? did you get warnings in your app prior publishing ?

This topic is asked many times in community.

Don’t make duplicate topics
And it’s not playstore support website and search before making any new topic.

It depends upon app category time taken for publishing is not defined anywhere

So it’s normal to take a week or more in reviewing the app ?

Yes it’s normal