Problem of screen scrolling upwards automatically

Hi all,

Facing a new problem…made a form in kodular for user to submit data…but in one section whenever a user is clicking on a checkbox the screen is moving up on its own…while this error is not there with other screens…

Assets : Only Png Images
Blocks :blocks.png - Google Drive
Problem video : WhatsApp Video 2020-05-07 at 01.44.41.mp4 - Google Drive

Please help me regarding this…how can i resolve this issue

Share videos and image Directy in post from the next time.

kodular was unable to upload it…got a message that please upload it on a cloud storage and share link

It was too big (video) and it required less pixels for image

hi @aditya_chaturvedi have you got the solution? I am facing the same problem

Partially yes,

That ossue was there in my case because of textbox i used some images and while scrolling the teztbox went out of the display area so the app would bring it back to focus.

What i did was, i made some changes in the dimension of inage to make sure that while scrolling the images, old text box and new textbox are in the display area, it solved the issue for me.