I found a bug in Kodular!

Here are the bugs I found:

the page keeps shifting to the left of the screen

But that doesn’t happen if we go directly to the main page without going through the previous page with the activity launcher application from the play store.

The following is the download link for the application that I made above:

How about showing us your blocks of screen1…

@Ubaid_Yafi_Hanzah Show us blocks of screen 1 as said by @Boban

We are sure , this should not be kodular bug. It is due to your clock component. You may not have handled or assigned blocks properly. Pls check your blocks. You might set app to open the screen when clock timer(in the designer page too your enabled the timer as default)

yes maybe later after i finish studying

Ok no problem we are waiting

I think your are using clock timer

You probably forgot to Set . Clock# . Timer Enabled to False right before opening the new screen. You also have to set Timer Always Fires to false
I had encountered the same problem when I was very new to Kodular and this was my solution.
Use these blocks

And use this in properties

Sorry if I am wrong, I have just given this from my own experience