When opening screen app was closed

Hello great koders i am an facing bug or what i didn’t know.when i open this screen from sidebar this app was closing here is the result

(I tryied to upload gif & vedio but community was unabled)

By this block i am opening screen

& these block was available in the next screen

& i am facing some more bug like the custom chrome tab was opening website in default browser.& web component was not load data instantly

I am feeling very upset right now​:no_mouth:.thanks in advanced

@kodular no one here to reply me

@KodularCreator is a BOT account, there is no use if you mention @KodularCreator
Instead mention @Kodular so it will be notified to Kodular Staff…

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Hi, please right click, and download your whole blocks as an image, so anyone can check it, in your case it might not be a bug, you might just have a complicated blocks… Please post here

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