Problem Parsing Package

I created an app through Makeroid.when I export apk file into my computer and try to install it into my smartphone i got a message that there is a problem Parsing the package. I set min sdk at 4.1-4.2 (API 16). PLEASE NOTE THAT I ALLOWED UNKNOWN SOURCE INSTALLATION AND MY ANDRIOD VERSION IS 7.0 INSTEAD OF THAT IT DOESN’T WORK. Please help me.

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Maybe you use a wrong package name?

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I don’t understand. I use Denim Labs as my package name while my project name is game and my app name is Sheriff Vs Zombies.

A packagename looks like " com.yourname.appname".

Show some screenshots how you did it.

It is still not working. Now my apk installer is crashing every time I tried to install the apk. PLEASE NOTE THAT MY APK INSTALLER IS only CRASHING WHEN I AM TRYING TO INSTALL THE APP CREATED BY MAKEROID WHILE IT WORKING FINE WHEN I INSTALL OTHER APPS.

remove package name and try

can i use empty package name

You dont have to use a packagename.


i had the same problem and i found temporally solution. my phone its API 25 (android 7.1). if i selected min SDK API 26 or 27… Apk not install.

I probed this case compiling un API 25 and finally works! but… some friends with Android 5.1 continue with problem.

@makeroid should add Min SDK and target SDK to fix that problem. i hope this will be a solution.

If your device is on api 25 and you set min SDK above that… Then you can never install it.
Because min sdk means minimum sdk version on device.

And target sdk is a complete different thing about you have not to think.

And just as notice android 5.1 is api level 22.
You do not need to know all the api levels.

All you have to do is read the min sdk (screen) property correct because there we already show you which android level is which api.

ok, i understand. Thanks! so i dont see what could be the utility for that propiety? there was some confused because Google Play will ask to developers upload APK Target API 26 (minimum) there is the concept confusing… people think that “Min” refer to minimun target. Thank @Mika for explain us.

The target sdk is set automatic in all apps.
Thats why we the first builder that have target sdk 27 on apps since months.

Means, no user have to care about the Google changes started in some days.
I thought “Min SDK” was clear enough as name.

We have the property because we want that our users can make by herself the decision which minimum sdk her app users needs.
Some reasons as example to choose min sdk 21 are there was the Material design added from google.


i am already facing this problame help me

This may be due to reasons such as the apk not being completely downloaded or corrupted or the device being incompatible with the application. Try enabling app installs from other sources, disabling security software, turning on USB debugging, or resetting your Android device to factory settings to resolve Parsing Package error.

Go in screen1 and empty package.
It will set default package name

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I simply changed my package name from “appname” to “com.appname” and it worked : )

Hi @Manthan_Admane
Sounds good but even that is not the correct format.
The correct format of package name is this:

no i used (first package name) right package name and my app was working but when you updated to 29 api level and i download my app then showing parsing the package and my app not download help

What is your Phone Android-version , what is your Min SDK set to and your packagename,