Problem select item list

I have this problem (img) when I start the app it gives me that error, but the second time I open it, it already works … I imagine that when I start it does not enter the data so the error. Now how do I enter the location data in the list. Thank you

Any block in the initialize of the screen?

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there is no initialize block

When open goole maps component, in first time block “google map get my location” you get list empty.

I never get this error when i use in companion. But in apk, i get this error and i used if condition and timer block.

Sorry my bad english

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The above can be a good tip …
Did you enable “Enable My Location” and use “When Map is Ready”?

this is my blocks

Would you have an example of what it says or where to place the blocks

Try to add this and see if it works


I tried that option, but it didn’t work and I put it back in the block the map is ready

before selecting something from a list make sure, the list is not empty

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I talked to him and even showed the video … but …

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I already solved it … I explain it next … to the blocks I added q initialize the location as false. then add a timer where it activates the location when starting the app

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