Problem with firebase bucket

i have created a project name tech and added firebase. and also added url API key but i have cleared the project bucket and setted project bucket in blocks. So the problem is when i create any new project the project name is setting to my tech project’s firebase bucket.

What do you have set in the designer screen for firebase,

Show the blocks as well please

i have set nothing at designer but in blocks i have set the project bucket. sorry i cant show the blocks because there are huge blocks

I cant help if I cant see the blocks that are used to set things up.

If this is the case… It is in your blocks.

wait i will create a demo and show you

Do you mean that your one project bucket automatically add in your new project?
This is not any big problem.
Set project bucket in blocks.
If you do so designer project bucket will not work.

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It is a bug in kodular and I have already reported it in the Bugs Section - Firebase Database Component Bug : AUTO ENTER BUCKET NAMES

You should search in the community before posting, as it creates duplicate topics.


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