Problem with portrait screen orientation

Hello. I’m facing a problem with the screen orientation. I want a portrait canvas without rotation. But even though it is configured for portrait, whenever you open a new screen, if the cell phone is horizontally, this annoyance occurs, as shown in the attached video.

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Thank you friend Barno_Roy! But the topic does not have the solution. It must be a defect on the site itself. Wait for them to fix it and update Kodular. Have a good night.

Make the screen orientation to portrait.
Screenshot 1944-04-24 at 6.19.50 PM

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Unfortunately, that has been tried and it didn’t work. The bug is that you set the screen orientation to portrait, but you turn the phone horizontally and open the app. The app will then be turned to landscape mode first, and then within a second, it goes back to portrait. This is an issue because some UI elements couldn’t be formatted correctly in this way.

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This doesn’t work, Earn!
Maybe you are getting this to work in a single screen application. In projects with more than one screen it doesn’t work. Thank you very much!

Hi,Gordon_Lu. This started happening after some Kodular updates. I hope they fix it soon, as it’s really bad to have an app that you can’t control the screen’s orientation.

Any update on this? @pavi2410 the problem seems to still occur.

They are not interested in fixing bugs …

Devs might be busy with other things but still i’ll like this to be resolved quickly since it affects most of the apps. some UI elements like listviews won’t display correctly because of this.

This is very annoying… Why don’t they solve it? :rage: I can’t understand why they say it depends on MIT App Inventor. Kodular is based on MIT, but does it have some connection between them that can only make the adjustment in one if it occurs in another? This I don’t understand.

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