Screen orientation problem

Hi, i face the problem in screen orientation, i set the screen orientation in landscape but when screen open then for few seconds its show in portrait form and then its show in landscape if any one have solution then drop the msg
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The portrait screen which you are saying. Is that a white blank screen?

Default Screen orientation is portrait when app opens, it takes some time to detect screen orientation landscape and call the action.

No,it’s not white screen. Actually I made complete app in landscape form , but when any of the screen will be open then first it show in portrait form and then few second it’s convert into landscape , and I also set the screen sizing fixed

Here is a video

No , this issue in hole app

What do you mean by hole app?

Try this. I have tested it and when you open the app. It opens in landscape and doesn’t change…


Complete app

You can do that by setting landscape on every screen.

And what about screen sizing , keep it as responsive or fixed

Keep it responsive so that it can resize itself according to device width and height…

I try but its not solve still

Will you mind describing your actual problem between screen orientation and screen sizing…

I set that block that you show me in all screen and i set the screen size responsive but still this problem is not solve

What problem are you facing now? Because earlier you said you are facing screen orientation problem. Is your app still opening in portrait mode?

yes still this problem is there
if i open the app then for few min its show in portrait and then its show in landscape form

Set screen orientation here to unspecified and try again!

According to your solution i made test app but its not solve
aia file
Screenorentation.aia (2.8 KB)
apk file
Screenorentation.apk (4.8 MB)

Its not solve still

@Mika help please