Problem with removing ads from Kodular Companion

As mentioned in the release notes of the update and also in the app description on Google Play, the companion will occasionally show ads.

Does that mean interstitial ads, banner ads or both?

Right now I can’t live test an app with the companion but just by opening the companion I saw a Startapp ad at the bottom of it.

I clicked on the “$” button on the top right of the app and paid €1.49 to remove ads.


The transaction was completed, money left my PayPal and the banner ad disappeared. Once I closed and reopened the app the option to pay to remove ads was still available and a banner ad appeared at the bottom again. Was this supposed to happen?

Here is a screenshot of PayPal as well:

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Well, of course not. Once you remove it, it gets removed forever.
Let me see if something went wrong…


Here’s a screenshot of my Play Store purchase history as well:

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Okay, located the issue
I think I know what is going on; will ping you back once solved (and probably send you a coupon code for the inconvenience)


Thanks for taking time to look into it!

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Is this going to be an update in the Companion or a fix in this particular user’s account? Because the same happened to me. Don’t worry about the coupon for me, it’s ok. Just want to know if I need to report it or just wait for the update.

It’s a bug in Companion, I’ll upload a new version tonight using the same version code
Sorry :sweat:


so, who already payed dont need to contact to inform yeah? ive bought too, and hope the companion recognize my payment after the new update…

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Yes, looks like we don’t have to. The companion will be updated.

Thanks Diego.

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Check if there is an update for the companion!


I will probably refund all purchases, so you can get it back
The Purchase block made a Consumable purchase, meaning the item could be purchased once and once again (like coins for a game)

Will fix it, so it can be purchased only once


It is made in kodular
I tried to do something similar in kodular but I was not successful

Yes, but we have already solved
We will deploy 1.4B.1 today, and refund all those purchases


I’ve just issued all the refunds, so you should have got the 100% back
If you purchase them again, ads will be gone again forever (tested right now)

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After update 1.4B.1 Eagle the adaptive icon of Kodular Companion is gone…

We have not changed anything of the adaptative stuff… Screenshot please

The icon of kodular companion was looking soo pretty before update…
It’s Microsoft launcher btw

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And off topic… But important
The creator letting rename different components the same name which causing error on compiling…
Like I already have an spacer with name space1 and if I dragged new spacer and rename it to space1 then creator isn’t showing any same name error

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