Problem with textbox multilines


So I am currently working on a little programming app. I have 1 problem I cant seem to fix myself though. When running the code (in the app) it automatically splits the whole text box into lines of code. These lines are then verified (that it is an line of code the app knows) and then executed. before I had a bunch of dynamic text boxes, but now I moved everything in to a single one. But now when you enter (for a next line) it thinks that’s a part of the line too. Then it doesn’t recognise it anymore. this is the code that separates the lines and where it is going wrong. Anyone knows how to solve this?

How you separaty your lines ? Using \n ?

On my phone I just press enter. @dora_paz

Ok if you press enter then you can use \n to split lines

Thanks! This helpes alot :slight_smile:

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