Problems with the login menu

Hello friends, I have a problem.

I am fixing the login screen of my app, I have programmed that when the username and password are incorrect it will say “incorrect username and / or password”. but every time I enter a username and password that are correct I have to press the login button 2 times, because when I press it for the first time it tells me “user and / or wrong password” and when I press it for the second time there is yes Enter the Home screen.

the order of my blocks is as follows:

1- when you click on the login button, it looks for the username and password entered by the user in the database.

2- If the username and password are correct, I will go to the Start menu, if it doesn’t tell you “wrong username and / or password”.

ready. What can be done so that it doesn’t tell me “user and / or wrong password” even if the password and the user are good?

How can I put a timeout on it.

friends I already found the solution, is to put a progress bar. and tell him in blocks that when the progress bar is at 100% to move on to the next blocks.

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