Problems with the startapp component

I have an app with over 170k downloads and over 9k daily active users that has been monetized for months with Kodular’s StartApp since the component update.

However, this week the ads stopped showing in my app and I’m losing a lot of money because of it.

The application needs to display ads so that users can download or upload images on the platform and because of this bug I am losing revenue and users drastically

I tested blocks via Companion and received this error when trying to display an ad:

I created a new account on to carry out a test to see if my account had received some type of ban, but I realized that even on another account the ads do not display and the same error appears

could anyone help?

You may contact with to know more about this issue.
I hope if you use latest SDK version this issue can be fixed.

I’ve already contacted them, but they haven’t responded to my email for 4 days.

I’m using the Kodular component itself, which had been updated 4 months ago, so I believe it was an updated version of the SDK