Problems with the titles in the notifiers

I have been having problems with the titles in the notifiers. Is anyone else having it? they don’t appear on some notifiers like the text input.

Show your blocks.

blocks (1) blocks (2)
There are the blocks
In app, using the companion, is like this

I wanna see te title of this notifier, but they dont show
Its normal?

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Below replies from another similar post may help you

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This works for me:
Changing the title color to the lightest gray there is (Or, if you want to fix it with a single click, just the lightest gray color box on the color panel)

Isn’t it similar to the reply I quoted above?

Didn’t see that had the same answer, thought it said something else

Nice, thank you so much a all of you
this is like a bug, in white or default color he dont show, but in light grey he show.
Thank you