Productivity / Focus app

Hey guys,
I’m new to this app-making thing and are really starting to like it.

Now I’m interested in making an app that encourages/helps me and my friends to stay off our phones while studying.

From what I’ve understood it’s impossible for now to run background services (e.g. get the app to recognise if other apps are used while my app is running). It’s really not necessary for the app to do that, but atleast somehow “feel” if my app is open or not even when my screen is off/phone is locked.

I have tried to make a timer which will count as long as “Screen 1” is open, but as soon as my phone locks, the timer stops. Or, if I choose to let the timer run when my phone locks, It’s also running If I enter any other app on my phone.

Do you guys have some tips or recommendations for me on how to approach my app-idea? Maybe there’s an extension that could help?

Best Regards

extensions have the same limitations (i.e. do not run in the background)

whaty you could do is to keep the screen on while your app is running, there is a method in the Screen drawer for this, however this might drain your battery faster…
to reduce that, you could use the settings extension and set the brightness of the screen very low…
you can find the settings extension here App Inventor Extensions: Settings | Pura Vida Apps


There are Screen1.App Paused and Screen1.App Stopped event blocks. You can try using them. :slight_smile: