Professional makeroid sidebar responsive and clean sidebar design by Androteq

(Androteq) #1

I make a best unique responsive and clean sidebar design for makeroid. It can be easily added to app.It has attractive look to attract the users.And you can modify with yourself because makeroid sidebar is fully customizable

Download preview APK here:sidebar APK by Androteq //SUBSCRIBE NOW.apk - Google Drive
Download AIA file here : sidebar aia file by Androteq //SUBSCRIBE NOW.aia - Google Drive

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(Federico Morrone) #2

You should rename the aia because with space in the name it can’t be uploaded

(Sander Jochems) #3

I was also working on a sidemenu, What do you think of mine?

(Federico Morrone) #4

Sander’s one is much better but nice work @Androteq

(KaFa) #5

What do you think about Screenshots? :wink:

(Pejuangsubuh) #6

how to make this beautiful sidebar? please help me

(Sander Jochems) #7

Under layout section use the component Sidemenu Layout

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