Screen problem with side menu

When I use the new sidebar component, the backgroud of the sidebar which I have inserted in the splsah screen becomes automaticaly in the background of the sidebar

Like always…
Please give us some usefull informations.

Usefull for us:

  • blocks image
  • bug image

Your phone display is broken… What do you say to the man which should repair it ?
Do you only say your phone did not working or do you say that the phone display is broken?
Think about it.

I’m talking about makeroid’s new sidebar component

Read my above answer please correct :smile:

@Sander Is it only a missing background color option?

Means I dont Understand

Share your aia or screensshot of screen 1 properties and block as well.

Bug is fixed. Please just wait for release…


I have many errors when I use screen side menu.

For example:
I add button on the side_menu_v_arrangement and I have crash Makeroid Companion
With other component same

If I re-run the makeroid, the side menu works fine, but when I try to add a new component in side_menu_arrangement, crash Makeroid happens again

I also face many problem in new sidebar

@manshsaini930 This have nothing to do with side menu!!

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