Protect my encryption key

Hi, how can i protect my private cryptographic key? I currently use the text obfuscate block, but it is not secure.

Put it on your server…

I use the firebase database but I can’t use the security rule for authentication because I use background calls in firebase which ends up disconnecting the authentication. How can I store the key securely with security rules without authentication?

You can use seprate rules for buckets

I did this but to make the buckets call in the block it will be visible and unprotected.

Post your firebase rules , so I can better understand

I don’t have authentication because I use background calls

Post your buckets and codes

The buckets are the ones that are in the firebase security rules, like Conf msnjABJN53… already in the code it is encrypted before and stored in a variable with obfuscated text and decrypted according to the image

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