Anyone Know How To Sure Firebase Using Firebase Rules

I’m Facing a Very Big Problem.Someone Got My Firebase URL Or Token By Extracting My App.
When Someone Registered In My App Then He Remove My Users Data . So Anyone Know How To Secure Firebase Real Time Database. Please Help Me

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Maybe use the obfuscate textblock to hide your firebase url.

Sir Can You Explain By Example Because I’m Not Understand What You Want To Say…My English Is Not So Good Sir

peter I do not see any block to set the firebase url with an obfuscate block
the only set block that I see is for the project bucket…

unless the option is to use these extensions

It is in the textblock categorie


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I am aware of the block as you already might know however you need to plug it somewhere…
like this block…

because the Firebase component does not have a similar block,
it only has a block for the Project bucket …

Never used firebase so don’t know where to put it. :sunglasses: But maybe the developers can make their own addon.

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