Protected PDF Opener?

I have searched all PDF extensions, but unable to find extension to open PDF with a password.

I want to open protected pdf file i recieved in my gmail

Can anyone help? I can pay too

Use this website with web component.

They provides Apis also.


We have to use either node.js , ruby, php or .net but how can we use it in kodular apps

If anyone can make a extension for getting all pdf attachments from mail and unlock the pdf with a specific password and save it to internal storage, i would love to pay

Do you want to make an app to do that or you just want to unlock any pdf for you. If you want to make an app then you have to check for extensions, i don’t think any of them is made so far.

But if you want to unlock the pdf files for yourself, then you can follow this link: Unlock PDF files. Remove PDF password

This will remove the password from your pdf files within seconds.

i wanna make app,

for that kodular app, i need extension

so you mean you need to unlock a pdf with the password

yes and convert it to text (i think there must be extension for coverting image to text)