Opening a pdf file without an extension

Please guys, is it possible to open a pdf file without having to use a pdf extension to view it??? Also this file must be embedded with the app(Kodular Asset). If possible, then what tool can I use from the palette section???

you can see here it works with assets and files stored on the device:

Nope, I speak of files that I can access from the asset of the app. This speaks of getting files from the SD card or internet… It’s neither going to be in any of this, but I want to call it from the asset of the application itself

No it can make this…Taken from the webpage :

Update: App Inventor is now able to view a pdf file from the assets using the new Pdf extension. Also you do not need an external pdf viewer anymore!

But it needs an extension :expressionless:

Can i ask one question…Do you need to open it in external pdf viewer or in the application

Application. I just saw it clearly now, it’s possible… but is there any other like this, that wouldn’t need to be paid for???

You can store it on google drive and open it in the a webviewer using its sharing link…

Your right, but that will require the internet… I just want something offline. @Taifun is it possible to make your app not to be screenshoted… I want to be able to display sensitive content to my target audience, and i wouldn’t want them to be able to take a screenshot.

You can download the files to the storage firsgt time only then you could be able to access it from storage any time you want

Could this link be expired??? I can’t seem to download anything… It keeps showing some HTML write ups :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Use kodular Screenshot component instead of the extension.

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It fails whenever you open any pdf file with pdf extensions…thought to try something that’s also an extension.