Push notification error (OneSignal service)

Hi all!
I’m having problems with push notifications. When the device starts, a pop-up window let me know that the app that uses push notifications has stopped working.
My device is a Mi A1, Android version 8.1.0. I’ve used logcat and I observe what seems to be an error when trying to start a service in the background:

Have you experienced a similar error?
The app has a few blocks…it’s a simple poc…
With the app started I receive notifications but if I don’t launch it, nothing happens.
AIA File

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It is a known bug which is in the onesignal sdk which we use.
We have updated that lib and hope it will be fixed in the next bug fix release.

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Thanks Mika, I didn’t know it

The issue you send is on devices with android 8+.
The old one signal library was not compatible with the latest google changes.

Onesignal said they have fixed the bug in the last version.
Let’s hope it is true :smiley:


Hey. Maybe only push text notification , I am facing force stop after pushing image notification !
No problem with only text notification…