Help with Push Notification Blocks

This is my first time using Push Notifications
I implemented the Api key and i got a subscriber but when i send Push message,it never appears
Can someone send me the right blocks used for push notifications?

you just have to set api key in screen 1 and thats it, no needs any blocks for that, just generate apk and send notification from one singal web

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Only In App notification is showing
Push notifications after closing app isn’t showing

Then there must b problem with you setting up firebase and onesignal

All my apps use push notifications whats the problem again?

In App Messages are loading but Off screens notification message isn’t working

i doubt that!
In App message are loading

Ok the in-app only works “In App” right but your saying the “push notification side” (not the in app) isnt showing correct?

This is In App notification message

then you must muted notification for apps, check notification setting or check on other mobile

Already tried another mobile but it was the same

is this notification coming from onesingnal?

Yes,it called In App notification message

means you are not getting that from push notification?

are you sure about setting firebase project and onesingal project correctly?

100% sure and it is from push notification/one signal

then it must showing after closing app, there is only one thing can stop push notification, that user turn off notifications from mobile setting

ok,i will try and use other devices

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