OneSignal Push notifications problem

hi there,
is there a problem with push notification component ?
i have an empty app and connected it with one signal but the app does not described yet
i waited for an hour
any one can help ?


also checking but there is no effect

Isn’t there an easy way? Just add the app id in the component and try sending notifications from OneSignal. No block setup required at all!

there is no effect too :pensive:
Report.aia (1.8 KB)

Then you need show me how you have setup the app in OneSignal. Will you mind sending a video of the process you have done to setup app in OneSignal?

Because I have done that way only which I told and it works!

i did the same as this video exactly
previous yesterday it worked but yesterday it did not

when i do this component_set_get i get false

when this component_set_get (2) i get -1

when this component_set_get (2) i get true

when this component_set_get (3) i get nothing