Why Sending Push notifications from app is not working?

I created an app that to be used to push notifications for another app …
I tested pushing notifications from onesignal website and It worked very fine

but that is not working using the app


please help

Because your blocks are not correct… You have to create proper blocks or you can search in forum for blocks… @drpeterramsis2007

I searched alot but couldn’t find a working way for me … could you help me in the correct blocks, please?

May be it’s helpful…

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Nothing was sent or received

is there any thing wrong with my blocks?

Check your apikey and apid, make sure they all are correct.

I am sure they are correct … what else could I check because I really need this aption?

try setting segment to All, if dosnt work then you have to make sure all settings(firebase api key etc) is correct. and you are testing this while your other app is installed in phone.

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App ID: 6f4071c8-11bf-46b1-a96a-182ce5b7ff8e

the app is installed on a phone
the sender app is installed on another phone

the receiver app actually receives notifications when sent from onesignal website but not from the sender app

please I need your help

As per your blocks you will only send message to such who subscribe for it…
You wanna send message to all user whether they subscribe or not… For that read one singnal documentation clearly … @drpeterramsis2007

Believe me that …
Pushing Notifications is working through the website but not through the app created from the previous blocks …

I am asking why? and is there any way to fix that?

That’s the ans… From website you send push notifications that time the segment is all but in app you just used subscribe users @drpeterramsis2007

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Doesn’t work too

Ok now for me it’s also a serious matter so let me check…

I use this AIA I created in my projects and it’s working fine.
OneSignalSender.aia (19,5,KB)
You can fill in with your API Key and App ID and test it.

I hope it works for you as well.


I recently discovered push notification and I’m trying to understand how it works. I created my project in One Signal and Firebase, I compiled everything, but I can’t make it work. I also downloaded the .aia project, I put the correct key and ID, but the loading bar is infinite and I don’t receive anything. I would also need an extension that creates One Signal segments in the app because my app has group chat and I can’t add segments of all groups

AIA updated!

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