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I am new to Kodular and onesignal and firebase. I am on free plan no too much budget for premium
There is a problem about: pushnotifications of onesignal

In firebase I have open a project , in tab Project Overview, Project Settings Cloud Messaging, I have added the key and the sender ID to onesignal and the connection is ok in this web app (In firebase I have not added any app. In the dashboard says: Get started by adding Firebase to your app , add an app to get started —I saw a tutuorial and he didnt do it any configuration) As I see the problem is in Kodular. In Kodular in settings, Project Settings, in API Keys, in OneSignal App ID I have added the ID that onesignal have given to me, but the problem is likely in the photo. In Kodular.io in Designer when I add the Push_Notifications1 under the screen 1 it is blank and it says No properties. I have read some article here with some files for importing file but the right file should be aix files. Please any short video tutorial, any file i should do in this stage. I have not made any if else to Block for Push_Notifications1 only for the webviewer and for notifications as I saw a video in youtube. I dont know how to do, please any help.

Go to project setting , api keys, there you should paste the one signal values but you should use another extension to make it work [PAID] Onesignal Push - Implement OneSignal push notification in your apps by @Sumit1334

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