Put content from airtable in list view

Hello everyone,

I created a file on Airtable and want to show its content in a list view.

The file looks like this:

I called up all the data and stored it in variables:

When all the data has been retrieved, I want to create a list view:

How do I continue?
I want a list view “entry” for each row, while the app should get the image from the URL in the column “Bild”, show the data stored in the column “Titel” as the title and the data stored in “Themen” and “Erscheinungsdatum” as the subtitle (with a line break, if possible).

(I’ll use the data in the column “File” to intiate a dowload when the list view “entry” is being clicked, so it can be ignored for now.)

Thank you very much for helping out in advance :slight_smile:

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Directly set image list, title list and subtitles list into blocks

You can do it with these blocks:


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Thanks for the reply, @nikzdreamer2001, but I want to add new list items later on without pushing an update thorugh the Google Play Store.

Thank you very much, @pepocero, but I just see the preloader, it won’t disappear and the content won’t show up. Any ideas?

Just use add item to list block and after adding item again set listview element directly

Still was not able to figure out what is wrong with my code. I’d really appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Figured out what was wrong, I had a typo in the table name :sweat_smile:

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