View pdf file from airtable

I followed the guideline on how to create an app where you can upload file from airtable, but when i click on list, the outcome is url from cloufinary are displayed as they are.

Here are my blocks
2 1


When i click, here is the output

How can i view my pdf file from airtable link



Thanks, it has worked,
Based on example, i have to place a link manual, but on my airtable, i have several link

How can i set block to call link based on their row, instead of place link manual


You can also use @Deep_Host in app PDF viewer extension.(for downloaded pdf only)

In App PDF Viewer Extension

Download -


I am also working on a app which uses airtable to call link of pdf and then download them and view in app.

Thanks, i have solved it by place get start value on join block

you have to use call cell or from list, when got cell use get value of that cell instead of link. or select list item(if you have stored links in a list with help of get column)

as i have seen you are using get cell and after go cell changing screen with start value, so when Screen4 Initialize use get start value instead of Url you are using at 2nd number of join block.

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