QR-Bar Code Scanner /Generator koded with kodular

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QR-Bar Code Scanner /Generator

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QR-Bar code Scanner/Generator is smart and essential app for every android smartphone which can scan and read all QR / barcode types including text, url, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats. QR Code Scanner/Generator is extremely easy and fast QR-Bar code scanner,which can scan any type of QR-Bar code in few seconds whthout taking picture,zooming etc. Just point it to the code and app will automatically detect it. You can get details information about the scanned result with inbuilt browser in one tap. The app can store the “History” so that you can see it later.

QR Bar code Scanner/Generator can generate customized QR code for your need with customized background and customized color. You can share the generated QR code anywhere you want. You can generate QR code of Phone,Contact Details, Email,Text,URL,WiFi etc just on few taps.

Key Features

  • Generate or scan every types of QR bar codes.
  • Customized Background,Color etc.
  • Share or Copy Scanned content result.
  • History of scanned contents with detail option.
  • View details of Scanned content on inbuilt browser.
  • Hassel free scan ( Just point on code and you have done)
  • Share generated QR code anywhere you want.
    And Many more…


App Store/Download link:

Huge thanks to Kodular for this outstanding platform. @Taifun for awesome extensions.

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Looks good. A screen shot of a regular bar code would be very cool.

Nice shout out to the community and @Taifun

Small UI comment. I think you are using too many colours. Come up with a colour scheme, tone palette and apply it uniformly. The pinks on the blue are a bit hard on the eyes,

Nice job! :beer:


Thank you very much @cian for your awesome words with appreciable suggestions.

Will try to fix it too… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


good job.

btw which component you are using for color selection?

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he might setting arrangement background and using component to image extension to save?

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You mean ? Color of qr code ?

yes… i haven’t installed it on my phone, already have more than 150 apps installed,
but its looks like a select box, thats y i am asking.?

@techcvr I am sorry.Still I am not getting you properly. Can you please demonstrate it with screenshot etc so that I can get you…