QR Code Scanner From File

APK file stopping at this stage, and not moving to next step

My Requirement is like this : “Take a Picture”–“Scan For QR Code”–"Show Both Photo and Decoded Text "-- “Share it to whatsapp”

so what about debugging your project yourself?
it looks like the AfterActrivity event is working fine and the picture is displayed correctly, isn’t it?
where exactly in the workfolow is the issue?

probably the DecodeBarCode block is the issue? is it able to find the image or not?
what about displaying the path to the taken image in a label?
then do the step of decoding the image manually…
remember, there is the Do it debugging feature… it works much better than the community debugging feature…


After Activity not working properly. In companion it is return to Screen1 after activity complete, but in APK file camera not closing after Activity.

DecodeBar Block not working in Companion also. it is not detecting Image QR code.

something for the author of the extension to check @vknow360

something for you to check as already mentioned


Qr extension doesn’t work in companion.

Yeah, I’ll try changing the decoding code.
Currently I can only think that image is not in portrait mode that’s why zxing is unable to read it.

Did you click on ok button?

yes for every click it is saving a same image in gallery.

How to set values and how to use it?

Plz help me

So I have a question that why do you want to read qr code from image that is taken with camera? Why not directly use Barcode Scanner component?

I need to take some label’s photo which contains product details with qr code. I need to match details with qr code to cross verification. so I need to take image and then need to scan.

Do it does not work for local variables, only global variables… read again the guides about how to use Do it…


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Now I modified the code and set image to portrait, Still same issue

Try this one
com.sunny.qr.aix (733.7 KB)

It should work without need of rotating image.


Camera issue still not resolved.
What to do for camera issue?

I don’t understand what you are talking about.

If i use camera component for taking picture it is giving “Error 201 camera not return image”.

if I use CameraIntent Extension, Activity is not completing. it is stopping at picture accepting page.

No issue for me.

in companion its working, But in apk its not working.

If possible share me the Blocks

Thank You

I have tested in apk.