Question about extension

Is it possible to edit manifest file of app with an extension

As far as I know, it’s not possible right now


2 Likes Sir please check this app this is made with kodular (I think that. I asked developer but he didn’t reply) and it supports deep linking and if I am not wrong that deep linking required to edit manefest file

Do you mean this


Yes sir I mean that but how can I do that

Contact the developer via pm.

Actually it depends what you are trying add .

And also this app was built using Android Studio not Kodular.


I want to add deep linking

How do you know can you please tell me.

I also want to do deep linking , i want to open my app from any broswer and also getting some data from that and using that data in app.

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Deep host Is able to create a extension… Thatmeans he know java programming. Why he waste his knowledge about java to create app in app inventor platform . Therefore He made it in Android studio

there is an extension from Deep host which edit manifest in order to show kodular built browser in browser list whenever we open a link
that means it is possible to somehow edit manifest right?