Question about extension

Is it possible to edit manifest file of app with an extension

As far as I know, it’s not possible right now


2 Likes Sir please check this app this is made with kodular (I think that. I asked developer but he didn’t reply) and it supports deep linking and if I am not wrong that deep linking required to edit manefest file

Do you mean this


Yes sir I mean that but how can I do that

Contact the developer via pm.

Actually it depends what you are trying add .

And also this app was built using Android Studio not Kodular.


I want to add deep linking

How do you know can you please tell me.

I also want to do deep linking , i want to open my app from any broswer and also getting some data from that and using that data in app.

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Deep host Is able to create a extension… Thatmeans he know java programming. Why he waste his knowledge about java to create app in app inventor platform . Therefore He made it in Android studio

there is an extension from Deep host which edit manifest in order to show kodular built browser in browser list whenever we open a link
that means it is possible to somehow edit manifest right?

Hi everyone
Deep linking and default app are quite different things.
I have not so much knowledge about both but what I know I can share here:
Deep Linking: this is mostly used in websites for opening apps.Like if a URL (or I should say uri) starts from whatsapp: then browser will try to open whatsapp if installed in device.

Default App: this is mostly used in apps.Like if you try to open PDF from path or uri then android automatically finds an appropriate app for it.If there are more then one app then android will let you choose an app to open PDF file.Another example can be HTML Viewer.When you click on an HTML file in file explorer it automatically opens HTML viewer to view content.

In my opinion:
Deep Linking is partially possible while Default app will be possible very soon.For now we can receive text , image , audio and video files and open in our app.If everything will be fine then we can except more file types to be received.