Question for developers .?

Question for developers
Is it possible to do something like this in kodular it’s amazing it just leaves the app running while it’s hanging.

Ithink many of us are looking for it in kodular

Why not just use the extension?

@Peter .
I tried using it on kodular but it didn’t work so I posted this discussion so I know if there is an extension similar to it that can be used on kodular

Then maybe you should have told that. :wink: Did you contact the developer to tell him it doesn’t work in Kodular?

I just uploaded it here to ask kodular if there is an extension similar to it for kodular because I only like to work on kodular. If this question is forbidden, I’m sorry

Again, ask the developer to make it also work on Kodular. Why doesn’t it work on Kodular? What happens?

I searched hard for the owner of the extension and did not find him, all his accounts are closed.
It was even with us in our kodular environment,But he left in August and I’m sure kodular developers are able to do such an extension easily.

How much will you pay someone to develop it?

I really can’t pay now, maybe later
Are you a developer, how much money do you want?

I found a similar extension that works on kodular but I think it has a problem because the timer stops when the app returns to the phone’s home.
If the owner of the extension sees this post, please fix it

Why don’t you just use Background Tasks extension to keep your app running if you want so?

The developer is active on Niotron Community, make an account there and send him a message. :upside_down_face:

if someone still looking for extension
here is working extension
com.shreya.backtohomescreen.aix (3.9 KB)