Question regarding Push notification

Hi All

I have one question regarding Push Notification

Can one send push notifications from one app to another? Meaning.

If you develop an app and upload it to the cloud (Google Play) for ppl to download do you need to develop a separate “push” app?

Is this all I need to do to the distributed app?



You can use this extension to send Onesignal Push Notifications in the Same App:

However it’s not working in Kodular Fenix 1.5.3:

Thjanks fo that

I found a php solution which Im going to implment.


The Extension is working but you can’t get any Notifications with Kodular at the moment.

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What do you mean, exactly?

I’ve got two apps

1 app is for sending the push notification which is on my phone. ONLY I have a copy of that app

The other app is on Google Play.

Do you mean that even if I have a push app on my phone, ppl will not receive a notification because something in Kodular doesn’t work?



Seeing were chatting

In the main distributed app (the one on Google Play) what do I put here


The long key or the Short ID?

Yes sadly…

Should be the Shorter App ID.


This is a HUGE PROBLEM!!!

I wonder if you know if there are any plans to fix this???

Because of this I might be forced to rewrite the entire app :frowning:

I that the one otherwise known as the SENDER ID?

App ID