Question regarding updating app after publishing it on playstore

Hi, I am going to publish an app on playstore and I would like to update it once published so without the in app update component can I update it directly on playstore? And also it requires password to access the features so which one on image shall i select?

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I don’t have much idea of this, but from the screenshot it looks like, Google is asking you that if your app needs user to login or has any special membership in order to access the app, then you should provide them with test credentials so that they can review your app before it gets published. And in this case your should choose the second option and provide the test credential to them for testing/reviewing your app.

But if your app doesn’t requires any such special access then you should first option.
This is what I understand from above provided details

I have to fill this when i select the second option since my app requires an username and a password to access

Find these topics in stackoverflow. It is unrelated to :kodular: .
May be this can be helpful for you
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Agreed, because here not everyone has experience of publishing apps on play store, so there on stackoverflow you can get better and faster solution.