Start of section, I have problem

I uploaded my app to the play store and at the time of login I did not access, use the google authentication component, download the app from my projects if you access but if the play store bass does not access someone helps me know what might be happening

Please explain clearly what you want

I think this is what you were looking for…
Authentication not working after publishing

This is a case of bad translation. The correct translation is this:

I published my app in the Play Store but when tried to log in, it didn’t work. I use the Google authentication component.
When I build the apk and install from Kodular, it works but when installing it from the Play Store it doesn’t.
Please someone help me. I don’t know what to do.


Ohh such a major difference

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Pls share apk and play store link to check and what error did you get

here is your solution,


thanks to all, the login works

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