Quick scrolling in contact list

Hi Koders!
My app have a listview with names and numbers of the user’s contacts (if authorised). Sometimes the list can be quite long.
How can I make a lateral scrollbar that shows the first letter of the contacts, like the one on the contacts app of Android? Or, at least, add a scrollbar a little bit faster than scrolling the list itself.
I hope I explained myself.
Thanks in advance!

I am pretty sure that this is not what you are looking for, but an Idea:

Try using the slider component and assign a value from a - z to each letter.

Depending on the slider position filter your list. This will be like an horizontal scrolling.

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I already can filter the list with a text box, but sometimes is easier for the user to scroll quick to a certain letter. Filter the list, when is a large one and the device has not a good proccesor can lag and freeze the screen for a bit.
Anyway, is a good idea, thanks so much for it!

See this and adapt. I hope it helps you.

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Thanks, I’ll think about It.