Radio button not working in group?

Hello everyone.
I checked on the community first but only found a closed post without a clear answer so here is my remark and lower my question.
I am a newbie on kodular but well experienced on other prog languages.


I am a little surprised to see that the radio button have no option to group them through a layout group as in a html form.
I have to use the blocks programming to do a workaround saying that when radio one clicked put radio 2 to unclicked.
This is really a work around.
In almost every programming language radio buttons are grouped as long as they are in the same “group/layout”.

For me if they are not working as a group they simply are round checkbox but no radio buttons.

My question:
Did I miss something? Is there another way to group them?

You mean this topic?

It shows you different methods on how to work with group of radiobuttons. I know this is not what you search for but it works.

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