Radio Button - howto uncheck the others

Keep only one checked Radio Button




It seams my version is simplier. :thinking:
Both reference each component comparing with current changed one.
Both verify current componente checked property.
But is good to see several ways to do some thing.


Actually if you use 3 or less radio buttons your code uses less blocks but using 4 and more your blocks are getting more more. In the other hand @Hassan code for every new radio button adds only one new block.


I’m doing it like this :upside_down_face:



Yes. In my example I have 5 radio buttons. 23 blocks.
You would use 18 for 5 radio.

wow, really creative! Thx!

hi all sirs.
you all has kindly given choice. i am try what is send by hassan. almost dne exept ‘set rado buton checked of component…’ plese tell wher i can get this bloc. it green but not find in logic. plese hlp. ty

Do you mean this block?

It’s here:

And then here:


It should be this one

ty. i means this … radiobuton

It is here…

My note sed… if i select 1 buton in a column, then other butons must become disabled… once one radiobuton is check, then that colom is locked. this block is not at al working.
Out of meny kind ansers I has used secand one. Out of list of rb if one is changed,… Can you plese explane? In simpal English

Once one buton is checkd other all must lock. It not hapen in this code. Can you plees help. Otherwise, I will put one set chekbox or buton, after clik any rb, I clik set. Now no rb can be change. Set chekbox also canot unchek. (seprate reset buton to make all cleen agian)

Plese help. I will also try.

Onse agin I thNk all responsers.

Do you want the radio button to lock
or it will lock itself and you don’t want it?

Now it is not lock. I wants to lock. Ty

If you want to lock then set all to Enabled.false

yes, it worked. now if one rb is chekd, then we cant cnhange other.


next, dependinng on which buton is select, text box must get some value. so, if r111, put 100 in textbox. if r112, 50, if r113, 25, if r114, -25(minus 25). plese help.

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