Random book name generator

Guys I am trying to create a simple app but I am really new at it . The app will have name and information about at least 1000 books in its database. Main page of app will have just a big button with the text “find a book” . When you click that button random book name should appear in the screen and user can go book’s own page if he/she click the name of it . What kind of algorithm should I use for this? Thanks.
picture of what I am trying to explain https://i.stack.imgur.com/lYvBt.jpg

Welcome to the forum , please use search :mag:, there are a lot of posts to help you


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Can you please tell us which builder you are using, Thunkable or Kodular?

You created a new account for both these communities 1 hour ago and posted this exact same topic on both forums within minutes of each other.

You shouldn’t spam forums like this.


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