RandomQuotes Extension - An Extension for generating all types of quotes


My fourth extension, Random Quotes helps to generate different types of Quotes and Motivational Speeches Offline. Soon, Different functions will be added in the extension.

Blocks in the extension:

This block find out whether the quote generated has written by any writer or the writer is unknown. It is boolean function and return true if quote has writer else it will return false.

component_method (2)
Actually when you generate any quote, It contains both Quote and its author. This block will help to separate the writer and return only Quote.

component_method (1)
As I have said, the quote contains both the quote and its author. This block will help you to separate the Quote and only return the Writer name.

This block will generate a random famous quote from 100 of quotes.

component_set_get (1)
This block will generate a random life quotes. It return quotes as string value.

component_set_get (2)
This block will generate the random birthday quotes. It return quotes as string value.

And there are more properties respectively to generate different types of quotes.


To show random quotes , you may have to generate quotes using different properties available and check whether the quote has Writer or not. If Quote has writer then you can separate both writer name and quotes and use them differently.
Here i am generating random romantic quotes as valentine day is coming near :crazy_face::

In Designer part I have made two labels, One to show Quote and another to show Author. Here, At first I made a variable named as romantic_quote and saved generated quote to be stored in the variable so that we can work for same quote then i checked whether the quote has author name or not . If yes then it will show both author name and quote else it will show only quote.Here is the result:

Next Version Coming Soon

It can be considered as the beta version of this extension. I will be adding more functions, more types of Quotes as well as I will be adding Online Quote Generator which will have function of loading different types of quotes online so that we can update more quotes without updating extension.

Download Link:

AIA File:QuoteGenerator.aia (24.9 KB)
APK File:QuoteGenerator.apk (5.2 MB)
AIX Direct Download:com.oseamiya.randomquote.aix (23.6 KB)

I wanted some users to help me developing this extension by providing me quotes in a format. PM me if you can help me.

Thankyou to Kodular :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for this amazing platform and Thankyou to all of you guys helping me in any problems.

Keep :kodular:ding ,Keep Smiling :smiley:

This project is now open source . You can edit according to your choice:


please follow the naming conventions and republish your corrected extension


also probably a better name for DoesItHasWriter would be IsAuthorAvailable, and probably a better name for WriterName would be just Author or OnlyAuthor



I liked it, congratulations for the extension and contribution.

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Thankyou @Taifun . Now it is fixed :blush: :blush:

Thankyou @Douglas_Maueski .

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Wow ! @oseamiya You are advancing your Level of extensions day by day.

Best wishes

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thankyou Anshu.

Amazing extension :star_struck:
I wish I had this extension a week earlier :joy: :crazy_face:
Btw which api is being used here?

it is not a api she has added all quotes on her own and contained in a list and generates random item out of it


I am working on online version and offline version both available in single extension. Will upgrade this extension soon in a day or more.

I’ve made this extension when I was learning java Array & how to use YailList class. It will no-longer be udpated.


How many quotes are there in it?

Since it’s totally offline for now, it has more than 500 quotes altogether. After the update, it will have more than 2000 quotes offline and an unlimited amount of quotes online. Wait a few days for the new update. We are making a lists of Quote.


I can give you maybe around 45k quotes in xslx format. Shall i pm it?

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Is this extension working on api?

no the developer added every quote in the extension

Hi ! Great extension!

Is it possible to add your own quotes, or do them yourself? And is it possible to do a translation in other languages?

Thank you !

How can i implement iny quiz app, connected with airtable?

Support french?

I guess no.