Rate my UI out of 10

Suggest me some improvement…

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The floating button not looking good and spaces are too much 6/10


Please Change The Background Colour Put Some Gradient Generated From

Change The Card View Background! to transparent

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Background colors and Card viewColors are not matching perfectly

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colors are not nice 5/10


Everything is okay but the color combinations are very bad so 6/10


Can I use these images as a card view background???

try use vertical

Personally, i would give this design a 5/10 because I neither like nor dislike the design.

There are some suggestions i think can improve this design. Such as:

  1. Don’t use elevation- Personally I don’t like the elevation stuff in card view. I think completely flat designs are far better. So, i would recommend keeping elevation to 0.

  2. Background- Use either white or black as background colour.

  3. Change colour of card view- I think you should change the colour of card views to a grayish white tone. It will differentiate all card views from background. And the card views that are main focus of screen, give them a colour which is mixture of any colour and white.

  4. Modern Icons- use modern icons.

Hope that helps

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You can’t do it using cardview component but you can add image view inside card view

I have best option which will make it 10/10 use listview with
Image and text

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0/10 … Need Learn about UI

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The text in the cards should be vertically centralized

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Suggest me something… I m new

It’s all right

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