Razorpay Payment Gateway Without Php And Any Extension

Now You can Use Razorpay Payment Gateway Without Php and any Extension

You can Test and check the App

also You can Check Your Razorpay Payment Gateway By using Your Keys

there is the option in this App you can change the keys

App link

if you want to Aia file of this project You can Contact me

contact Details in the App

Anything new? It’s always been simple to use.

Can we use Razorpay for in app purchases in Play Store? Google doesn’t allow third party payment gateways nowadays right?

No! Third-party gateways are not allowed to be used to in-app purchase.

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I am not integrating Razorpay SDK in my app. I am collecting payment through Webview component in my app. Your thoughts?

yes you can but only digital goods

please give aia