RE: How to add elements from Google sheets to spinner

Hi Peter, Thank you for your help on the community,
I tried to the data post to the google sheet. The same script and same blocks, but in the App Inventor it is working(posted successfully). But in the Kodular it is not working(No error message)
I attached my two blocks capture images and script file(It was modified from the MetricRat Web source).
Please help me how can I solve the problem in the Kodular.
Thank you so much!

Peter from Vancouver

It is always best to ask questions on the community instead of sending a pm.

I see you have used a put block in the Kodular version instead of a post block.




should be .PostText

like you have in your AppInventor blocks…


Thank you, Peter and Tim
Actually, I have made the block by ‘postText’. But it did not still work. Now I solved the problem by myself. ‘Show Lists as Jason’ was not checked. As you know, in the AI2 that is checked as default. But in the Kodular it was hidden in the ‘advanced menu’ and not checked.
Anyhow, thank you so much.

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