Read incoming sms

I want to detect incoming SMS only. When new SMS comes, read-only that one.
I already using taifun texting extension that can be able to read all messages.

If someone has any idea, please tell me the way. App also runs background every time.

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Did you check it?

And, for background tasks, you can use this extension.

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Yes. now testing on it. Trying to implement it in the background.
If you have done already it, provide me a sample. Thanks.

Sorry, but I don’t have one ready right now.

Message received does not work in the background. I have tested it with the background task extension.
Its a limitation with the message received component.

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Then how can we achieve it?

If your application is running in foreground, the Message received component will work else it wont.
Currently there are no other sms reading extension to my knowledge

This applies to the entire ai2 platform as this feature is inherited .

another way to periodically check the delta of all sms history

I don’t have that block on my taifun texting extension. Can you share yours?

this is an event from the Texting component


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thanks! btw how to run this component on background? I am trying with this-

But confused about which block I should use.

This is not possible and has been said already here including a workaround