Reading from sublists. How to arrange the blocks?

Can anyone help?
How should I write it down?

Thank you in advance.

If it is not a paid one, can you give me the extension link?

I think this extension

I thought it was, but the block he is asking is no where in this extension… so that asked him



Not matching

I hope it may come from deephost :grin:

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Here is that version. The Best!

Oh… He has updated i his playstore it seems… But in his extension page this version is missing…

I downloaded today!
There is a link to the AI2 Store at the bottom of the page. You need to install, log in and you can download the extension for free.

I hope you can try like this to get list view

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I found a bug…
I had “Add Item From List” and it should be “Add Item”

You have added wrong block… see i have used Add item, but you have added Add item from list

Yes, I know. I just noticed!

Can you help with this yet?

yeah just joint that length of the list block…

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I found blocks for “search” in some post, but I don’t know how to set LIST blocks.

You can use the same block… Sorry… tested just now

By changing the index


Tested , Working the above logic

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You are great!
It works. Now I have to analyze it all to “learn something” :))

Thanks a lot.

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What if I want to have several lists??

If all the lists having same length then you can use length of any list… not a matter the list but it matters only the length (int only )

Each list a different length!

Picture says all are same length