Recast • Make your old extensions compatible with Kodular Fenix

I also use the latest version of recast

I’ve identified the issue. Working on a fix.


Why it is not saving in correct format as exe in my computer ?

It is saving as .EXE.PSDrop.unk

Not quite sure why that might happen. :thinking:
Try removing the .PSDrop.unk prefix from the executable and see if it works. In case it doesn’t, just re-install Recast.

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After Renamed showing this :point_down:

Same error happens with other extension also

Extension Path

Even after reinstalling it was saving in .EXE.PSDrop.unk

Recast v0.2.1 BUGFIX


  • Fixed the issue where some extensions won’t get imported in the Creator.
  • Fixed the naming issue of recasted extensions. It didn’t match with the name printed in the success message.


Like always, to upgrade Recast to v0.2.1, follow the installation steps mentioned in the first post:



@Shreyash Thanks for this Rush Update :heart::heart:

It works! Thank you very much!!

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@Shreyash Thanks a lot

Me still facing the issue even after updating :sob: :sob: :sob:

It should be recast.exe; don’t remove the .exe extension.

I didn’t remove .exe

I’ve already run Recast version 0.2.1
I use the extension to limit the amount of digits entered and only allow the entry of numbers. Since the new version of Kodular the extension started to fail.

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This trick doesn’t work. That’s fine - if you create an aix file and give it to us

Elaborate more, please.

I already test one aia…and it work but then I try another aia and its show error like this

is there any solution?


Looks like your AIA is probably corrupted and contains yet another project inside it. Can you PM it to me so that I can have a look?

Update: Turns out, it indeed was a project-inside-project issue.

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cek your PM