Recording screen extension Request

Dear Kodular Experts

I’m looking to buy recording screen extension [ not single screenshot ] that record the app screen activities such as scrolling , clicking … etc and upload it.
if you can do such extension please mention your price here or dm me.

Thank you all.

Use this extension

You may try it :ScreenRecorder by @vknow360

Happy2Help :slight_smile:

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If you want to donate please PM me. :hugs:
Otherwise you can use the extension as it is completely free :grin:

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can you send it integrated with a screen like text box and button and scrolling so it records my activity ?

because i don’t need it to record anything more than the app and screen scope ?

i will try it now if it match the idea inside my head and get back to you.

thank you

You may ask all about the extension from @vknow360
Can you help him plz …@vknow360

it failed error let me send u screenshot of that weird error

i will try it on another cellphone