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Hey guys, I have gone through the forum more more than 2 weeks, I have been looking for a way to create a referral system. I managed to create one using UserID generated by the Firebase Auth, but the code is way too long to be used by people. So I did some research and was able to create unique ID for each user on the firebase. as below
Now the issue I have is this, I cannot access the ID during login by users since it is not attached to the login blocks on Firebase Auth
Here, if someone wants to login, I can’t get to the person’s database. I however tried my way around it, made a bit of a success, but then my app crashes on startup which I suspect that login was the cause.

Then creating that referral also gave me a bit of an issue.

Don’t use firbase for database use mysql database

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I don’t know how to. Can you help?



Hello, I have been watching your post for a long time. You tell everyone about Mysql but Mysql not secure like a firebase in kodular

Who say that MySQL is not Secured? U have to use some logic to make it non hackble i m using it from past 3 year’s not getting any issue BDW i m using php POST method


I think you don’t know about Http canary. Every one of your requests is read

Haha lol i know everything broo… But u have to use own knowledge …:wink: Http canary its only run like a vpn so u can use if vpn connect app closed simple method to 80% secured ur app and u can also use some encrypted method to hide ur url from application


Good @hemantadahalofficial tell some more tips to secure which hack MySQL so that by put that algorithm we can secure our app. I know you that your app have more than 500k download and you are using MySQL for many times give us some suggestions to secure our app.

You are using MySQL for the very long period of time so I think your know the bug were hackers take chance of hack our app. @Rogerio_Rios