How to get multiple tags data from firebase?

This is the blocks i tried with
As you can see multiple tags
and from this multiple tags i want to get the user status tags from each main tags…
Can anyone please help me…
I have already searched the community but i couldn’t find it, maybe i don’t know the right tag or title to search but if any one can help me with the blocks please help…

can you please tell me how should i do it?

U should use procedure

can you please tell me this part now, i am unable to finish this project only because of this

Here is your Solution


then can you please tell me how to do it?

actually i m in the middle of a project and its very important and i am sitting from 5pm still got no solution, First tried my self then posted on the community

I know Every one is busy that why i requested…

Thank you Very much

Using your method list is getting created but no data is showing in the list…


Why You Are Using Variable ? Insite Item

Working For Me I Have Made 3 Project Using This Methode

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Sorry There was a small mistake but now its same as shown but still the same list is creating but no data’s are showing…



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You Are Still Using Wrong Way

You Are Calling Listview In Got Value Block Without Any Condition Because Loop Will Running until It’s Not Reached At Length Of Tag

You Need To Put If length of The Tag Is Equal To Length Of Uname So Show List

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can you show me the blocks?

Here Is You Solution , Just Change Firebase URL And Token With Your URL And Token

GetAllTagsValue.aia (3.2 KB)

Complete Blocks Is

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still creating list but data not showing…


Are You Sure That Your All Parameters And Url And Data Is Correct ?

yes every thing is correct, still not working