Reflex 4.0.2 - Change your status bar 🥳

Hi, i have tried to change the color of the statusbar icon to dark using reflex as my status bar is white. But i couldnt get it done. Can anyone please show me how its correctly done or can i even use reflex for this purpose?

Set SetLayout to a root arrangement (the one that everything is child to) and set ToggleStatusBarLightStyle to true and then use RequestInitialization afterwards.

People seem to be misleading you… With Reflex you can’t hide the status bar, you can only change the color of the background and icon colors of both the navigation bar and status bar.


thank you Natan, that you bring me this information is very kind of you.

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Thank you man. It worked.

Its Not Work for me

Your screenshot has no details. Like, what’s not working?

See The Vertical Arrangement height. It’s too big from
main status bar

@Avijit Reflex wasn’t made for setting heights of views to the heights of the system views.

P.S. This isn’t a Reflex issue, this is related to your device.

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Nice Extension But how to use any Block screenshot

Hi @Tech_Developer1,

It’s likely you didn’t look at the beginning of the topic, as there’s images of methods and their descriptions there. Use the RequestInitialization method after changing properties in bulk for them to take effect.


:octopus: Nathan

Not working my app

Android 11 Phone

Hi @Tech_Developer1,

You need to use the RequestInitialization method after setting the properties you’d like.


:octopus: Nathan

Ok i will try

Any one help me How to solve this

How to work this type

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Hi, I tried like this on screen initialize, but padding and dark icon is not working. Only the status bar become transparent but then bottom sheets and side menu is not working.

It worked that way in my project. :point_down:


i tried exactly like this. But only transparency is working. rest if them are not. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m having a problem with the extension. If I am using the extension and I refresh the screen, it ends up with a buggy screen. Then you have to stop the companion and connect again.

Download link not working

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